Zavod Pekarna

Maribor, Slovenia

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Pekarna - magdalenske mreže is one of the 40 proud residents of Cultural centre Pekarna. The complex, liberated in 1994, represents the idea of alternative, different, autonomous, creative, non-institutional, free… life, and is, as usual, under fire: it is rethinking it’s own role and image within the (re)production of ideas, meanings, practices and significations, as well as within society in general; it is searching for the most suitable manner of (self)organisation, and deciding on its strategies of survival and development. We are talking about dilemmas of (non)institutionalisation and placement in the urban, as well as wider social scope. We are aware the way from liberation to freedom is long, therefore Pekarna’s fight for existence, as well as the process of its (re)invention is taking place on daily basis!

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