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Welcome to the home of Pencil Trick Productions CIC, a, young, fresh and daring independent British production company.

Pencil Trick Productions has Creative, Corporate and Collaborative arms of its business which enable it to specialise in Video production for a wide variety of functions, outputs and budgets. Our activities as a Community Interest Company (Registered No' 08002205) are underpinned by a strong Social Enteprise Strategy. This includes a talent pool which facilitates employment and professional work experience on our productions. We also support and invest in new creative alliances for the community through the provision of creative industry networking events. Finally, our targeted business strategy provides cost effective, funded, video products to not for profit organisations.

We specialise in scratch to screen development and have a passion for ethical, socially relevant and innovative filmmaking. Forging pathways of communication to the most under served of audiences: articulation and inspiration begins with PTP.

"Film has a unique and organic interaction which just slaps you in the face then makes you rewind and experience the impact over and over again… we wouldn't do anything else… we can't!" – Jennifer-Kate Monks, PTP Producer.

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