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PenguinsRising was born in a primal fashion. Writhing into the world not unlike The Creatures after The Banshees.

Early incarnations saw the band as a rocknroll 4 piece. They took a look at the scene & played various london club nights including Gaz's Rockin Blues, 93 ft East & This Feeling.

Concentrating on writing they evolved musically to incorporate a range of styles. Creating a fusion of electronic, glam, punk, funk, rocknroll.

Taking to the stage once again to play with Kasabian & Beady Eye. Penguins performed as a duo with Zak Starkey on guitar & Sshh Liguz on the harmonica & vocals.

Now reborn as a trio with the addition of Javier Weyler on drums PENGUINSRISING are here to take music by the balls.

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