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Penina Mezei as an American provides help and home care for the elderly and sick, mobile, semi-mobile and stationary people at their homes. We offer more than one care-giving nurses to take care of our patients and its family an opportunity to choose from the more appropriate person to the competence and character.
Penina Mezei caregiving program includes day care from 2 hours to 12 hours a day. In addition, Penina Mezei provides 24 -hour care for people who have difficulty living independently. Engaging nurses for 24 hours of care is suited to the needs of our customers.
Many elders have no one to care for them, or their children are too busy with work commitments, living in another city and they cannot provide their parents with an adequate home care.
Given that in the old age every human needs to be taken care of, Penina Mezei decided that one of the activities at their home care company should be taking care of elderly and persons sick with Dementia and Alzheimer.
Upon coming to the home care provider, Penina Mezei had a vision to provide elderly with a social protection built on the highest standards and ensure the best quality in provide care for the elderly. It is necessary to emphasize that the company meets the strict criteria necessary for activities prescribed by the law.
Penina Mezei’s vision arose from the desire to create a unique institution that will best way to take care of the senior people. By implementing this project she was able to raise to a higher level its care provision and care of older persons in need of assistance.
The policy is based on the fact that Penina Mezei staff provides comfortable and pleasant stay at an American home health care institution. Their desire is to make elders always feel safe and never feel lonely. In order to fulfill this task, a special staff is at their disposal 24 hours a day. Penina Mezei assures that anyone is welcomed at center, where patients will always find help and support.


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