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Penique productions was born in Barcelona in 2007. It is a collective of artists of different disciplines focused on a common project which is based on the idea of making ephemeral installations.

The starting point of each project is the selection of a location, which will be the place where to build a unique and customized piece. An inflatable balloon that expands and invades the space completely by itself.
The balloon grows until it fills the whole space and becomes the part of the existing architecture. The air, acting like the structure, presses against the plastic that faces the outline of the solid limiting and shaping the final form. Conquered by the inflatable, the place is transformed through the new texture, light and monochrome color.

Penique productions appropriates the original site that loses its routine to become part of the work getting a new identity. The balloon acts as a border and frames a new space. The container is also the content blurring the idea of the art object.

Penique productions offers an experience to the viewer. Therefore, through this clear, direct and simple perceptual message, Penique aims to reach all kinds of people without setting a closing speech.

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