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The People’s Press Project
a Fargo-Moorhead media justice organization

The People’s Press Project is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Minnesota and North Dakota. The purpose of the People’s Press Project is to support and conduct non-partisan research, education, training and informational activities to increase public awareness and use of Media, technology and Universal Broadband and Internet access and to foster and provide equal access to media, technology and the arts to all economic classes and cultures.

The People’s Press Project emerged from the High Plains Reader, an independent weekly news and entertainment paper printed in Fargo, North Dakota and distributed, free of charge, across the Red River Valley region of North Dakota and Minnesota, with a readership of 30,000 weekly by print and online readers. The People’s Press Project is the community based nonprofit arm of the High Plains Reader that is focusing on developing projects that support the voices of communities that lack media access, mentor and train the next generation of journalists and to explore affordable and accessible cutting edge media technology available to the public.

Contact Information:
Duke Schempp, Organizer
The People’s Press Project
1517 4th Ave. S. Moorhead, MN 56560

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