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In the world of work, they say attitude determines your altitude and if this is true then Rosie Peppy Parke may as well have coined the saying herself. As her nickname suggests - Peppy, as she is known on the entertainment and promotions circuit -- has the positive attitude and incredible energy to connect people and foster community building wherever she goes. She is passionate, energetic, and persistent and is the epitome of PEP.

A native of Jamaica, Ms. Parke migrated to the USA in 2003. She holds a Masters degree in Management with specialization in Public Relations and an Undergraduate degree in Business and Professional Management. She is the founder and creative director of Peppy Entertainment & Promotions, LLC; the creator, producer and host of her talk show "PEP Talk!"; the UNIA-ACL Cultural Ambassador; the director of communications for East River Family Strengthening Collaborative, Inc.; a fitness & wellness enthusiast; and so much more.

Her areas of expertise include planning, administering, and managing workshops, conferences and events domestically and internationally. She serves as liaison with external partners to conduct research on emerging industry and technological trends, prepares a wide range of materials and develops complex documents such as communications programs and electronic documents for Web sites and other publications. Ms. Parke is a seasoned Public Relations Professional and serves as Media Liaison for various projects. She has done extensive work internationally with community based organizations and has an acute awareness of political, social and cultural dynamics within various countries and communities.

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