Perfect Machine

Conway, AR

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In the near future, Citizens Stevens 8396 and Warner 5963 struggle in their oppressive society until they unwittingly discover a forbidden world outside the city walls where true freedom and self-discovery await.


I am Jarrod Beck a graduate film student at the University of Central Arkansas.

I graduated from the University of New Orleans in 2007 with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Film. I moved to Jackson, MS in 2009 where I continued to write and direct Independent shorts. I also became a member of the Crossroads Film Society during his brief stay in Jackson, which lasted until my acceptance into the University of Central Arkansas Digital Filmmaking MFA Program.

One of the reasons I returned to school to earn my MFA in Film is so I could have an opportunity to create a film that I could be proud of and serve as a calling card in my future filmmaking endeavors.

The story of Perfect Machine is one that I have been working on periodically for over five years and it is finally at a point where I am ready to go from script to screen. Perfect Machine explores common themes, such as personal freedom, but in a unique way by blending conventional and unconventional storytelling techniques.

With your contributions you will help me and my team create a believable near future world as well tell a Sci-Fi story in a unique way!

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