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Performance Space is a creative space in which to explore and experience new forms, new ideas, and new contexts of interdisciplinary arts.

Our artistic focus is on arts informed by performance, which draw their influences from across the performing and visual arts. We encourage art which explores the intersections between artforms, questions assumptions about the relationships between artist and audience, and engages with the concerns of the ever-evolving society in which we live.

Our Development and Presentation Program is made-up of curated concept-led seasons which include performances and installations, residencies enabling artists to creatively develop their practice, and contextualizing initiatives including discussions and publications.

Our Strategic Initiatives address areas of development which extend Performance Space’s reach and influence. These projects are often about developing new audiences (from local to international), assisting otherwise excluded artists, or nurturing new artistic practices.

We act as an advocate for the interdisciplinary arts sector – speaking out for artists and audiences and the infrastructures that support them.

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