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Performing Pictures continues to build upon its marginally autistic catalog of animate images. Performing Pictures will have soon infiltrated all interpersonal forums that are unfettered by reproductive art: gallery spaces, stages for theater and dance, concert halls, applied art collectives, churches and chapels.

We produce films that are shorter than shorts: snapshots that smudge the borders between still and motion media. We short-circuit old technologies with new. Foremost, Performing Pictures persists in seeking out new havens for our growing catalog of ”performing pictures”.

Performing Pictures delivers nothing to given contexts; instead, we ourselves seek out the social contexts within which we create. Increasingly, our enterprises assume the form of workshops. We are evolving into a living social platform, despite the fact that our art could hardly be considered relational or exemplary of social sculpture.

The direction of Performing Pictures has always been to impact – directly.

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