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Permission To Suck is a Blogazine about the fearless pursuit of creativity and innovation by passionate creative professional across all disciplines of the arts. “Permission to Suck” was inspired in large part by 30+ years of musings about my photography work and where to take it next, the substantial effort it takes to keep fresh and motivated, and the hundreds of creative folks I’ve met and worked with throughout my career.

Without exception, across all creative fields – whether it be advertising, photography, music, writing or fine art – there is a common hunger to define the muse. We all need to arm ourselves for the creative battle and I hope to shine a light on the common weapons in the arsenal through interviews and examples of work by fellow professionals.

The blog title was birthed through countless discussions with Will McFarlane, a talented guitarist and close friend. I’m not sure who said it first but at some point “we just need Permission to Suck” was uttered and it stuck.

I started the original blog in 2006 along with an essay called “Permission to Suck” that can be found in the “Articles>Creativity” section or on several other internet sites. Since then I’ve seen the phrase pop up numerous times when the topic is creativity and it still makes me smile.

I hope you enjoy the content on the site. We are adding original content regularly and continue to edit web content for easier access.


Bruce DeBoer
Editor / Contributor / Photographer
Permission to Suck

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