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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Swedish guitarist Per-Olov Kindgren was born in Bogota, Colombia and came to Sweden when he was 4 years old. He studied for 7 years at the Danish Royal Academy of Music with professor Per-Olof Johnson and graduated with a final diploma in 1983.
Mr. Kindgren composes and arranges not only works for guitar but for other instruments as well. His soft and melodic and often melancholic pieces, are now being played all over the world and even used as music for independent films. Mr. Kindgren is currently widening his concerts activities.

Scores and TAB's available at his web shop

His CD 'After Silence" is available as mp3 download at, or,
His solo CDs "AIR" and "DISTANT LOVE" and TAB/sheet music are available at

More information at

Guitar: Per Hallgren, 2012
Guitar: Behnam Shirazi, 2013

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