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Persona CSR creates powerful and emotional Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns for Fortune 1000 and FTSE 100 companies around the world. Our unique MultiMedia Platform showcases all your good deeds and enhances your corporate reputation. We are expert digital and marketing strategists.

We create more compelling content that enhances the Persona of your organization.


We are business owners with international backgrounds in consumer and healthcare advertising, marketing, PR, and philanthropy.

We honor the extraordinary business people who are the true superheroes underneath their pinstripe suits. So much that our logo icon, the ultimate Persona, was created for them. CSR is all about doing good, about making a positive difference in the world. That's why our life's work revolves around those companies who have changed the lives of people in need for the better—coming to the rescue of those who can't help themselves.

We work with some of the most talented digital and video production companies around the world, as well as world-class charities and foundations.

We are the bridge between advertising and PR, creating more profound work so you always see a Return On your Investment. Our CSR work will help you gain and keep customers, It's an investment, not a cost. And we guarantee your ROI because if you're not satisfied with any of our work, you don't pay.

In essence, we enhance the Persona of your company—something you can't convincingly do by yourself.

Persona CSR is available 24/7 to field your calls and emails.

Gary Fischer

Andrew Georgiades
Digital Strategist, Partner

Los Angeles: +1 310 266 9738
London: +44 77 4504 8304
Joburg: +27 71 524 9078

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