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Paris, France

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He followed a course at the Sorbonne University (BA in History, BA in Philosophy, Master I in geopolitics, Master 2 in European studies - emergence of an European diplomacy) before moving to the performing and visual arts. He attended courses and workshops as well as research residencies, while he started to perform and presented a series of collaborations and experimental works, like a game art which explored both collective action and individual choice.

Then, he presented With some White, an art work which focuses on fullness and beauty of the repetition of manual gesture in order to develop a fictional space. From 2011 to 2013, he worked on Bouncing Universe in a Bulk, a diptych about infinity and emptiness, created with Lyllie Rouvière.

In 2012, willing to explore a new relationship to the world and still interested in diplomatic and strategic issues, he became at the same time a specialist reserve staff officer in the French Army, post for which he is trained at the Special Military School of Saint-Cyr and at the War School of Paris. The same year, he has been invited to the Festival Transamériques of Montreal, obtained a residency at L'L Theater (Brussels) and a grant from the Foundation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet.

He began his researches on « Deep are the Woods » in 2013, an invitation to enter is an abstract nature, just evoked by light and mist. A nature without other actor than itself and the person who is looking at, a possibility to go at its encounter in letting place to ourselves. Alongside with this project, he created “Ciguë”, a solo on freedom and loneliness danced by Clara Furey. His work focus a lot on space, light and movement.

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