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Pete Marriott : Listen and Learn!

Known as one of the underground music scene’s most innovative and creative record producers, Marriott has worked with The Boogie Boys, Chubb Rock, Special Ed, Jam Master Jay, Ari Up, Choice MC’s, Full Force, Cheryl “Pesii” Riley, Ex-Girlfriend and 7669.

His musical skills surpass production and include composer, sound designer, mix engineer and Award-Winning Radio Mix Show DJ. His reputation and experience have exemplified his passion for music and has been categorized as “ahead of his time”.

Currently working out of his Seattle based studio, The Tool Shed, Marriott released the first installation of his legacy album trilogy, #REALHIPHOP in March 2014. #REALHIPHOP is a concept album featuring vocals recorded as far back as 1987 up to 2014. The album features artists including Mr. Man (Da' Bush Babees), Jazz (from Whistle), Junclassic (Monsta Island Czars), and Jermiside among other popularly known underground vocalists.

Stand out tracks include: “Bring It In Right”, “Let's Make Some Noise 2.0”, “100 Proof” and “The Way That I Rock”.

….full album is availalbe now on Soundcloud:

The Early Years

Born in the East Flatbush township of Brooklyn, NY Pete surrounded himself with music since his early youth when he began DJing at 8 years old. At 15, Pete began his professional music career with the The Boogie Boys 1987 track “I’m Comin” (Capitol), A year later, he produced The Choice MC’s “Let’s Make Some Noise” b/w “This Is The B-Side” (Idlers) featuring a young Chubb Rock.

“This Is The B-Side” became an immediate cult favorite among DJ’s who would make it an important part of their DJ sets for years because of the sound that many felt was ahead of its time. The song was also sampled by, among others like Soul Hooligan, Moby and Photek.

A common fixture in various NYC recording studios as a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and producer of major and indie releases Pete also produced “Me Done”, an underground classic by legendary Slits frontwoman Ari Up.

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