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British Film Institute
"Filmmaker Peter Bromley is a master image maker whose creative life began as a self-taught photographer. Bromley’s early works are fine crafted black and white prints. His love and appreciation of visual arts and his devotion to the golden age of cinema with Jean Luc Godard as a guiding light, drew him to work in digital video production. Bromley is dedicated to the creative act, his documentaries are made possible through the collective efforts of the 1968 Film Group"

Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival
"In his close-up portrait film 'Charles Hayward Recorded' Peter Bromley shows the dedication and passion with which Hayward approaches his music and craft. Bromley has created a very unique and poetic documentary. The screening of the film in the festival will be its world premiere"

Sunday Times
"The beauty of Peter Bromley's images come from their fundamental simplicity and directness. Their mystery lies in the sense of human, earthly familiarity they evoke"

Imperial War Museum
"The region of Picardy in Northern France was the location of some of the heaviest fighting along the Western Front in the First World War. Peter Bromley’s cinematically rich On the Somme presents a multi-faceted depiction of the landscape of this area. Despite the unmistakable tranquillity of the region, the film conveys the sense with which the conflict and its casualties are written in to the land itself"

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