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Having come into the film industry by way of a strong technical background, Peter has spent the last decade working on films such as Happy Feet, Australia, The Knowing, Legend of the Guardians, Sucker Punch, The Great Gatsby and Walking With Dinosaurs. Having worked through the entire gamut of film making, including pre and post production work in Layout, Animation, Lighting and Visual Effects has given Peter a big picture idea of what it takes to get high quality projects of any size completed.

Peter Georges now runs Dreams in Motion - a Sydney Film Company - alongside Phil Wittmer.

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  1. This looks great, lots of very creative shots! Did you shoot it with the BMPC4k? prores or raw?
  2. I like what you guys are doing..I am looking at 3 lenses from sony: the 35, 55 or this 24-70..can you give yore opinion? Thanks