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Peter is a film/video editor and post-production supervisor with 20+ years of experience on all major editing platforms, all since their introductions: Avid, Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe Premiere.

Editor on over 300 projects for Hollywood studios, major broadcast networks, Fortune 500 brands, and smaller businesses of every size, with delivery formats from IMAX Large, to Webisode small.

Extensive experience as an editor/producer, responsible for not just the editing of the project, but managing the project from pre-production through to final delivery, and all the decision making along the way— overseeing script and graphic production, narration auditions and recording, to final music selection and delivery of finished piece.

As a Post-Production Supervisor, Peter has worked in L.A. on IMAX films for Disney, WGBH/NOVA, National Geographic, and Dreamworks.

Experience with all compression formats and their delivery.

Fluent with Google Drive & Docs, and Microsoft Office for correspondence and tracking of budgets and project timelines.

Graduate of Hampshire College with a B.A. in Film/Photography production.

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