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The Past

Peter Loung was a born performer. Seated at the top of his class from the age of six, his natural aptitude for music pushed him early into an abundance of performances through the Yamaha Music School. Some of these performances included: Roy Thompson Hall, the Kiwanis Festivals, and private events. This facilitated an entrance to the prestigious Royal Conservatory of music, where he finished his higher level studies on the guitar.

Though musically Peter is second to none, he is not only a musician but is highly trained in the Martial Arts, and has competed at several World Championships. With this introduction into movement he has pushed the limits of his body and has trained in gymnastics, dance, and the grueling circus arts! Peter has had the opportunity to tour and perform with the likes of: Wyclef Jean, Soul Decision, Jeff Healy, Mia Minx, Filter, Cirque Du Soleil, and Zero Gravity Circus to name a few!

Peter is also an actor/model who has had the opportunity to appear in magazines, films, television series’, commercials, billboards, websites/blogs, and catalogues. Some of Peter’s credits have included: A guest lead on Being Erica, a principle character on Sophie, a large actor role on True Blue, an actor role on Death To Smoochy, an editorial spread for G-Star Raw, a magazine ad for Calvin Klein, the cover of the Le Chateau annual report, Joe Boxer, Guess, and Icon Clothing, to name a few.

The Present

Today Peter is still performing and training every chance he gets. He is a refined circus artist (aerial straps, corde lisse, double trapeze), a stunning and dynamic dancer, an awe inspiring actor, a seasoned editorial/fashion model, and a trained and naturally gifted musician/songwriter/composer. Peter is the very definition of talent!

In an amazing collaboration Peter has teamed up with Omar Martinez (songwriter for Justin Bieber) and together they are currently writing and recording tomorrow’s hits! Whether its country, pop, heavy metal, or hip hop, Peter can write it, track it, and engineer it at his personal studio -- Studio 54. Peter also has finished his debut solo album entitled “…My World,” a work that he wrote, tracked, produced, and engineered himself.

The Future

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Those who know Peter well will tell you that yes he is an incredibly gifted musician; however to him all facets of entertainment are the same. Peter is a world class dancer and an acrobat, a poet and an academic, a model and a comedian, but most of all Peter believes and follows his dreams. Peter is the modern day Renaissance man! When asked about his journey and where it may end up he calmly says “When all is said and done, I want people to remember me and smile”. Heartfelt words from a true performer.

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