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I began working in the motion picture industry in 1989, first on feature films and commercials in the grip and lighting departments and then in 1994 I moved to the camera department. In 1997, I began shooting big wall climbing expeditions for American Adventure Productions and The Outdoor Life Network, working in places such as Mali West Africa, Greenland, Kenya, Pakistan, Alaska, Northern Canadian Arctic, Rwanda and Patagonia. During this time I also specialized in shooting time-lapse cinematography and began working on my own cultural documentaries where I was the director, director of photography and editor. Working for 20 years in the industry has given me a broad and in-depth experience in cinematic lighting, technical knowledge of cameras and refined my shooting skills for exposure, framing and composition, as well as the understanding of what it takes to capture the necessary material needed to edit a story. My work has been shown at Mountain Film in Telluride, Banff Mountain Film Festival and the Alpine Film Festival in New York. I am currently based in Wyoming and East Africa.

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