Peter Lamont

Melbourne, Australia

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Peter Lamont is an independent filmmaker producing films on Australian Contemporary Artists. While the world is full of books on art, surprisingly little is available on film, yet film is the simplest and most accessible medium of all. From TV's to Tablets to mobile phones, film is becoming the most vital medium of all and especially relevant in the visual arts.

In 2011 Peter launched The Stock Rooms (, an online portal for selling fine art. Recognising the need to provide broader accessibility to the artists themselves, Peter started to make small films on each. In 2012 Peter partnered with Michel Lawrence to create the award-winning 'Inside Art' TV series that focussed on Australian Artists in a magazine-style format.

Now in 2013 Peter is broadening that experience to produce long and short-form documentaries on Australian Artists. From those just emerging to Artists at the pinnacle of their career, Peter's simple goal is to document on film the people behind Australia's contemporary Art.

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