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Advanced Java EE development in financial services, London. Building on JavaFX, Groovy and Scala technologies for Enterprise businesses that innovate and require exclusive services

Peter A. Pilgrim‘s high-tech career began at the age of 12, where he learnt BASIC on a Research Machine 380Z school computer. He wrote games galore and taught himself how to program. Peter graduated from London South Bank University then went into IT industry. He started in Germany, then returned to the UK, and eventually found himself in Investment Banking. During this long and experienced career path he achieved a background with C/C++, Fortran 77 and Pascal programming languages.

Peter was the founder of the Java Web Users Group (JAVAWUG). In 2007, he was nominated by his fellow peers on the Sun Java Champions program. Peter is a Sun Certified Java Architect for the Java EE 5 platform. He has been writing Java programs since 1997. He has delivered talks on JavaFX for the JavaOne 2009, Erlang Exchange, CommunityOne , San Francisco and the ACCU Oxford Conference . Peter writes the regular World View Series for the ACCU Magazine, CVu UK.

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