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I am a freelance photographer and videographer based in Park City, Utah. I grew up with muddy feet, waiting for school to be over so I could run to the stream in the woods behind my home. I still seek afternoons out of doors and worlds away from bathrooms, beds and electricity. I found photography in high school shooting black and white film, but it was not until a semester abroad in New Zealand that I started taking my work seriously. I have produced a short video about The Adidas Group’s sustainability programs, captured events, speeches and gallery openings at The Colby College Museum of Art, and shot product photography for Twice the Dough. I am comfortable capturing stories and images in diverse environments, from snowy ridgelines to quiet gallery openings. I strive to capture images and videography that breathe the emotions and essence of the story I’m shooting

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  1. Dooooddddd. I miss you. And I think you could use a splitboarder out there. Great tunes and I lyke your friends!