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  1. 31:40

    Work of the People (2013)

    by Peter Rollins

    8 Videos

    The ideas in these clips are explored in the book "The Idolatry of God." For more information click

  2. 19:25


    by Peter Rollins

    7 Videos

    Here you will find some videos that outline the theory and practice of Pyrotheology. For more information visit

  3. 33:07


    by Peter Rollins

    5 Videos

    Here is a small set of videos we shot while I was in Paris, TN that reflect on some of the themes found in the book Insurrection. Which can be purchased here,

  4. 01:12:18

    "Insurrection" Book Study

    by Peter Rollins

    12 Videos

    To help you work through "Insurrection" I would like to offer you a series of videos that will help you to facilitate a nine week book study. Some questions that might be useful to keep…

  5. 20:18

    The Crucifixion and the Real

    by Peter Rollins

    4 Videos

    These are clips from a talk I gave in February 2011 in Grand Rapids. For the full audio visit

  6. 01:13:28

    Poets, Prophets and Preachers

    by Peter Rollins

    11 Videos

    Clips from the Poets, Prophets and Preachers conference I spoke at with Rob Bell and Shane Hipps

  7. 01:18:05

    The Dis-course Seminars

    by Peter Rollins

    6 Videos

    These video's are from my web seminars that explore the theory and praxis of four courses designed to send participants off their present course and headfirst into new ones. These courses are, The…

  8. 25:36

    'Work of the People' interviews (2010)

    by Peter Rollins

    8 Videos

    These videos were shot during my Insurrection Pub Tour

  9. 19:30

    'Work of the People' interviews (2008)

    by Peter Rollins

    6 Videos

    These videos were taken during my 2008 US book tour.

  10. 30:58

    Insurrection Tour

    by Peter Rollins

    6 Videos

    These six videos are from my 2010 Insurrection Pub tour. To see all fourteen download the Insurrection app here:​pzmk9 These videos were recorded and edited by Bala Boyd at Gypsy House…

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