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Peter Rose was born in New York City in 1955. In 1977, he graduated from Columbia University, presented his first solo performance 'the circular heavens' and met Ludwik Flaszen and Ryszard Cieslak in the paratheatrical activities of the Polish Laboratory Theatre in the United States.

Peter Rose’s recent work, “Cleansing the Senses” premiered at the Grotowski Center in Wroclaw, Poland in November, 2005 and at P.S. 122 in New York City, May 2006. Since 2006 Peter Rose has taught at Columbia University in New York City, worked with Zygmut Molik, “The Voice and Body” at The Grotowski Institute, performed “Cleansing The Senses” in Berlin with Annamaria Faraone and Renard Hoover. Performer Training and Performer Training in Nature continue on a regular basis.

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