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Batavia, Illinois

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Peterson Design Photography and Website Design Services

We live in a visual world.

Peterson Design can help you navigate the waters. We specialize in photography and website design, and for some clients, that means the total visual package.

Peterson design is located in the same building as Water Street Studios, in the heart of downtown Batavia. Stop in or contact us about your project, or just to say hi.

Photography Services in Batavia, IL
At Peterson Design, we do portrait, commercial, and wedding photography. We do not take a factory approach to the art. We establish a human relationship with each subject that shows in the final results. The best shines through with each subject that we work with.

Web Design in Batavia, IL
Peterson Design works with small and medium sized businesses both locally and nationally, to help them develop their internet marketing presence. We specialize in web design in Batavia, IL, and help businesses with their online branding. We also shoot the photography for many of our small business clients. At Peterson Design, we create beautifully designed, well functioning web sites that help businesses draw in more customers.

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