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Welcome to my Vimeo Page! Here you will find some recent showreels as well as some films that I have produced myself.

I am a Director, Producer and Videographer with over 10 years industry experience as a broadcast camera operator (inc. ITV, BBC Worldwide, Channel 5, UKTV, Nickelodeon, Extreme Sports Channel), and over 200 corporate/ promotional video credits (inc. KPMG, Natwest, RBS, Airbus, Gojo, Jaguar, BMW, Suzuki, IHS, Savills and Aviva).

I also have experience in all areas of professional TV/Video production from scriptwriting, storytelling and storyboarding through to directing, lighting, sound recording and camera operation, through to editing and effects.

- Multi-skilled broadcast camera operator, including track, jib and steadicam operation.
- 10 years experience directing actors, presenters and full film crews
- Sound and lighting setups and techniques including chromakey (greenscreen)
- 10 years post production experience including editing, motion graphics and special effects
- Script writing, script editing and storyboarding
- Project planning and management
- Good negotiation and problem solving skills

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