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I hope to learn from all of you just how to make at least a video correctly. I have no talents in that area at all! Ben, I would never even hope to be able to do what you can. I watch you though and I am learning. Jack, you have the courage I need so badly in order to do any kind of video which I am presently afraid to even try doing. I love it here with all this marvelous talent and ingenuity. I have plenty of time now that our charity has been hacked out of business. What kind of characterless, soulless, creatures hack a charity out of business? I'm stunned but now I have time to really learn to do a video. The 120,000,000 million people we had hoped to put a dent in helping, all U.S. citizens with terrible chronic pain. They will no longer have us to help them. I'm sorry about that beyond belief.
It is however totally out of my control. ugly word. An even uglier pasttime.


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