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Minneapolis, MN

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About Peter Wolf Crier and the debut album Inter-Be:

Inter-Be was not conceived in the morning, on a full stomach, willfully. The television was not on. No one was awake. There, in these moments of quiet, there was no great peace or reassurance.

The sudden volcano of songwriting by Peter Pisano (The Wars of 1812) on a single summer night in 2008 lingered for 2 months of prosperous expression after an interminable eight-month long creative dry spell. Marching forth from the buried ashes of forgotten memoirs: songs of unknown origin reestablished an ancient dialogue with an unfamiliar voice.

After four months of Pisano’s compulsive and deliberate listenings and re-listenings, two sentences in a short conversation formed a band and collaborative effort with Brian Moen (Laarks, The Shouting Matches, Amateur Love) to provide the augmentation the songs demanded. At Moen's home, amid breaks for tea, ice cream and cigarettes, rough ideas that were too raw for record became songs with structure and clarity. What began as an effort to capture the musings of a summer night became the documentation of a new musical partnership in Peter Wolf Crier.

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