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My art is a tool to communicate ideas and emotions – my goal has always been to be sincere to my audience and to myself. Growing up as a French Korean, I have had access to a diverse range of cultures and modes of creative expression, and I have found that this diversity inspires my art, and helps me to be open-minded in my perception of the world.


  2. IF
  3. Trafik
  4. Sagmeister & Walsh
  5. 40 Days of Dating
  6. Susi Sie
  7. FIELD
  9. Jullien Brothers
  10. Lucas Posson
  11. Felix Pfäffli
  12. Denis Trichet
  13. adeline mai
  14. Chasse à Courts
  15. NOD
  16. Media Space
  17. The Museum of Everything
  18. studiocolon:

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