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Our primary documentary production is around WWII and Vietnam era piston engine airplanes. Raw and preview footage is available here for public view. We're covering a few car shows in the DFW area as well and we'll be posting some of what we see in the area here.

We currently shoot with the Sony PMW-EX3

At home here in Keller, TX I shoot a lot of video for the local high school (Keller High).

Also look for videos on Youtube under "hawkeyepoole"

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  • YouTube - Another channel with my video efforts


  1. SlowMotion Films
  2. Dave Perkins
  3. David Lowery
  4. Constant Cinema

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  1. I'm from Fort Worth, TX. Chuckie lived here for 30 years. She's been sold twice since we lost her and she no longer carries that name. That is awesome footage and I forwarded it to the real Chuckie for her to see. See my stuff at