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Peter Svarzbein is a lens based artist, urban interventionist, curator and professor of photographic arts. A recipient of Photo District News' Merit Award and graduate of the renowned Eddie Adams Photojournalism Workshop, Svarzbein earned his MFA in Photo, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York. For his final thesis project, Svarzbein created the El Paso Transnational Trolley Project, a conceptual art project exploring the tenuous relationship between the sister cities of El Paso Tx., Svarzbein's hometown and Juarez, Mexico ( Returning to El Paso, Svarzbein's artistic vision became reality as he was invited to serve as a member of the San Jacinto Plaza redesign committee spurring the development of a grassroots campaign to install a streetcar system connecting El Paso’s downtown to the burgeoning university area. Svarzbein has exhibited work both nationally and internationally including a video installation in the Guggenheim’s “Still-Spotting NYC” exhibition, at UTEP’s Rubin Gallery in a bi-national exhibition “El Flow” and in the “Puro Borde” exhibition at the INBA Museum of Fine Art in Cd. Juarez, Mex. Svarzbein has also been a featured artist and Pop-Up Gallery curator for the city of El Paso’s "Chalk the Block” festival, the premier public art showcase on the USA/Mex. border and was awarded an Artist Incubator Grant for an upcoming installation planned for the summer of 2013. Svarzbein is the creator and director of the "Purple Pop-Up Gallery", a 3-month Urban Art Intervention in the heart of Downtown El Paso, Tx ( In his role of professor at NMSU, he strives not only to instruct his students in the photographic process, but to inspire them and facilitate the expression of each students creative vision. ---- ----

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