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  1. Breadbox.it Channel

    by BreadBox.it subscribed to

    328 Videos / 50 Followers

    Breadbox.it - your daily web freshness! On www.breadbox.it you find the most amazing, beautiful, cool and fresh stuff from the internet. Make sure you get your daily dose! On the Breadbox Vimeo…

  2. Photorealistic CG Animations & VFX

    by Zblur subscribed to

    321 Videos / 1,605 Followers

    The best of the best ;) Bit by bit, we will gather here the better stuff in the photorealistic CGI area. If someone wants to be added, let us write. The GROUP / http://vimeo.com/groups/photoreal Facebook…

  3. Cultso

    by Cultso subscribed to

    698 Videos / 736 Followers

    Have something you want to see on our channel or site? Send us a private message or drop us a line in our shout box below! http://cultso.com

  4. outdoggy video

    by outdoggyvideo subscribed to

    1,978 Videos / 106 Followers

  5. Pause Fest

    by Pause Fest subscribed to

    905 Videos / 195 Followers

    Pause Fest is a global ambassador for the city of Melbourne through promoting and positioning it as an industry leader in digital communication, innovation and art. Pause Fest is set to be a place…

  6. Creative Talent Network

    by Creative Talent Network subscribed to

    73 Videos / 405 Followers

    CTN-ers are a remarkable group of creators from every corner of the animation industry who are crossing over studio, medium, geographic, age and idea boundaries to share what they are passionate about…

  7. Vimeo Festival Screening - "Imaginary Worlds"

    by Vimeo Festival + Awards subscribed to

    18 Videos / 629 Followers

  8. computer animation

    by djotaku subscribed to

    62 Videos / 296 Followers

    Animation created with computers such as the works of Pixar or Dreamworks. (For a more precise definition, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_animation)

  9. Top Motion

    by andreu lucio subscribed to

    142 Videos / 515 Followers

    Complex hi quality 3d motion videos.

  10. 3d|MotionDesign

    by Remo Gee subscribed to

    286 Videos / 1,575 Followers

    This channel is all about 3d motion design! We feature extraordinary motion graphics, 3d tracked matchmoves, 3D animation and almost every kind of stylish 3d motion design. If you have something…

  11. Mind-blow

    by klegers subscribed to

    502 Videos / 755 Followers

    Visually and mentally creative mindblowing videos.

  12. Awesome Motion Graphics

    by Michael Rostenbach subscribed to

    518 Videos / 2,152 Followers

    Slick and amazing motion graphics!

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