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Philipp Zünd
Motion Designer/Director |

Philipp brings more than ten years of design and directing experience to boutiq, but his background as an artist goes back even further. Raised in Zurich and Vaduz, Philipp devoted his formative years to pursuing a love for music. An accomplished classical pianist, he also performed and composed as a member of numerous jazz, funk and rock bands. In 1995, creative urges took Philipp all the way to California where he earned a BFA at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. After graduating, Philipp built his first company, Praxis, a communications agency specializing in new media. This is where he broke into directing, working for high-profile clients like UBS, Credit Suisse, and Wolford.

Philipp has a rare ability to couple superb design instincts with sharp analytical pragmatism. Creatively, he’s a risk taker, and particularly fearless when it comes to experimenting with cutting edge technology. He is a true pioneer among a new generation of designers pushing the envelope with desktop technology as an alternative to classic post production workflow. As Managing Director, Philipp heads the 2D/ 3D team of artists at boutiq, as well as an evergrowing roster of freelance talent. Excelling in advertising design, Philipp is the recipient of several national advertising awards.

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