Phoebe Welman Whitman

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Phoebe is an artist, observer, explorer, educator and academic.
Through the consideration of temporal, spatial and relational potentials of encountering
surface, the practise approaches production of work by being attentive to existing matter and the
delicate, light and subtle occurrences that transpire in the everyday in relation to surface.
The practise explores ways of producing a proliferation of surface through various experiential and
experimental processes and approaches that include site responsiveness, material arrangements and
observational techniques.
The research recognizes surface as an event. Through the excitation and stimulus of surface, the idea
of disruption to open the new and produce the potentiality of surface, through a multiplicity of material
gestures and experiments. In considering surface as a site of occurrence, and as a setting for activity
and event the work attempts to proliferate ephemeral and temporal conditions that transpire in relation
to surface as a means to produce attentiveness to surface.
The work attempts to permit a surfacing of immanent, unseen and ephemeral qualities that transpire
everyday. I often record surfaces I encounter everyday, as I am drawn to surfaces and the manner
that they behave and transform in time, through their relationship to forces, movement and time. To
work with surface, on the surface of things, as a means to produce a deeper connection between
people and their environment, through inciting a surface encounter.

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