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FILM More than a wedding video …

A passion for stylistic and modern story-telling, stepping away from the typical wedding video, Photo27movies creates a fresh, edgy, and entertaining recount of your wedding day, enhanced by a cutting edge art-post video production for a stylish film suited perfectly to your taste for a work of art that you will treasure for years.
Their Cinematographers work in a similar fashion to their photographers - elegantly capturing the action, surprising, spontaneous moments with cinematic flair along with the sounds of the day, filming you with discretion, simplicity and class, shadowing your movements to capture your memories, without intruding or disturbing the natural flow of your wedding day and escaping from special effects that tend to become dated and will probably be a source of embarrassment and discomfort to you in later years.

They will be neither "seen" or "heard."

Photo27movies with his talented team, both photographers and videographers, don’t just document your day, they document what your day felt like.

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