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Professionnal Photographer & Delirious Creative & Vicious Artist
January 2013 – Present (10 months) Studio Photo Plateau

Long-time professionnal (Corporate, Portrait, Event, Architecture, Creative, Publication, Journalism, Art Repro, Innovative Conceptualisation, Packaging, Brochure, Studio, Camera Assistant, Light Master, PRO replacement on location, Abstract)... I am now on a to-the-end-journey of photography as a means of encounter, barrier breaking, expression of art, tutoring, democratisation, etc... Meaning: I'm a confirmed pro, becoming conferencee (you can contact me directly or at, salesman, community manager (, but also and foremost, in the recent years, becoming an artist with a vision that keeps defining and broadening (keep close and follow - sometimes redirecting to my facebook, others to my site, blog, ventures, etc...

So there you have it!
It sounds blurry, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. In the meantime, you can count on very thouroughly applied expertise, high-end service, speed and professionnal treatment for just about anything. Sounds dispersed eh? Well... NO! What you've never heard (my moto) is that a photographer is a sensible artisitic with full grasp on aesthetics, light, color, frame and interaction. THAT, I am. And so, no specific field is necesary in getting a job done. Although... I would never have the pretentious freefall status of saying it also applies to grand ART. THEN, of course there are way too many concerns to possibly think what I've just said without being name-called with a god-complex.

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