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My dad was a photographer in the 40's. I still have his Speed Graphic and Kodak D-2 4x5 film cameras. I can't remember a time when I didn't have a camera, was in front of a camera or played with a camera.

I shoot because it is my personal self-expression. The interaction with my subjects is fulfilling and rewarding. I have met all kinds of people in many stages of life, from the rich, powerful, weak and depressed to strong and self-aware. I have learned a lot from my subjects and been humbled often.

It is my goal to shoot as often as possible and capture people, places and things in a way where their true identity is expressed in my work.

“Does not the very word 'creative' mean to build, to initiate, to give out, to act - rather than to be acted upon, to be subjective? Living photography is positive in its approach; it sings a song of life - not death.” -Berenice Abbott


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