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Christophe Margot got his start in photography by printing his pictures in a makeshift darkroom (his parents’ bathroom) at night, delivering the photos early the next morning to the local newspaper.
Fifteen years later, step by step, he has made his way from local to an international clientele, and now counts himself lucky to earn a living as a professional photographer. He shares his unique vision with diverse media including The New York Times, Powder Magazine and Bike Magazine (USA), Bike (Germany), 7 Sky (Switzerland), and international corporate brands such as Philip Morris intl, Red Bull, Scott, Omega watches, Intercycle. He also specializes in international sporting event photography, as an official photographer of the Freeride World Tour, elite cycling races worldwide, PGA golf, and Sailing regattas.
Since 2010, Margot has become deeply involved in the film industry as well, shooting and directing motion projects for international clients such Red Bull, Dynastar, Lange, Scott, Mavic, and Acico-yachts. He lives in Choëx, Switzerland with his wife and daughter.

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