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PHYSIOINNOVATION is a Consulting company within Sport Performance. We have over 10 years of professional & personal experience in the alps within a variety of endurance & extreme sports alongside our professional sports science background in the Alps near Chamonix Mont Blanc.

Our unique Bike Fitting concept called MyoKinematics is our specialty. The MyoKinematics concept is all about optimizing your body knowledge and movement efficiency. We have put all of our personal and professional knowledge which has led to an innovative method with both kinetic and kinematic applied technology. We are using the the MyoWave device for muscle assessment, visit

We offer this method in a franchise perspective for clinically well-founded bike fitting engineers. At our base in the Alps, we have the possibility to offer our clients a red thread through their way into developing personal excellence, no matter the level. We work with intense coaching both with a physical and mental approach, using sport science based strategies to develop more efficiency during movement and perform better.

We have a solid experience from the alps within extreme sports and academic background within sports science. One our specialties is mental training, which is an area where we offer personalized coaching both on site and through Skype. Have a look at our visualization methods at

We prepare you physically based upon a holistic ”athlete survey” and a following virtual consultation through skype, proposing you a professional and time efficient sport performance consultation.

Furthermore we are organizing tailor made race & training camps in the alps within cross country skiing & cycling, both winter and summer, enough to stimulate your adrenaline and competitive instinct in a beautiful environment. See more at

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  • Physioinnovation - Physioinnovation is a consulting company within sport performance for athletes no matter the level. We are specializied in bike fitting, movement optimization and sportscoaching in the Alps.
  • Bike Fitting - Have a look at our unique Bike Fitting concept MyoKinematics here
  • Virtual sports coaching - virtual sport performance coaching through skype and trainingpeaks, a holistic approach to you as an athlete within triathlon, cycling, cross country skiing, alpine skiing and high altitude mountaineering
  • Physioinnovation blog - Altitude training, interval training, HIIT, diet, sports nutrition, race & training camps in the alps.
  • AlpCamps - AlpCamps Sports Institute is for cardio training all year. Come and experience a movement optimizing workshop here in the heart of the Alps!


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