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Established in 2002 by design director Brendan Cook, pictureDRIFT is a creative team of designers, directors and animators producing innovative and outstanding visual communications through moving images, specialising in broadcast design, direction, animation and visual effects.

pictureDRIFT has quickly established strong client relationships and a reputation for delivering quality, innovative communication solutions across a diverse range of projects including Channel Branding, Program Packages, Television Promo's, Commercials and Music videos.

We aim for technical and creative innovation in every project and believe in a design process which requires research and experimentation combined with close communication and collaboration with our clients to ensure a highly successful outcome that answers and exceeds expectations of the brief and is relevant and effective to the desired audience. This philosophy ensures that our clients receive an outcome that is specific to their requirements, allowing them to stand out from the competition and is reflected in the diverse range of visual styles and technical approaches seen in our work.

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