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My media career started in 2000 where I began training as a video editor. I worked on Channel 4's 'Mountain Bike Britain' and a couple of British films. I went on to edit the documentary 'Plane Clothed Detective' which was regularly broadcast on Discovery Wings.

In 2003 I joined the company BDP Media where I produced as series of multimedia teaching and learning resources for a nationwide government project. I spent great deal of time travelling around the country visiting schools, colleges and providers, filming lesson and interviewing teachers, learners and consultants. It was during this time that I began learning about directing and camera work.

I became self-employed in 2008 and trade under the name Picture Study, offering video production and media services to the business and education sectors, using my own camera, lighting, sound and editing equipment.

Whatever I film, my main interest is to tell stories and communicate ideas. I have a particular passion for education, not just for schools and colleges but documentaries and similar kinds of film making.

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  • Picture Study - Media Production services for the Education and Business sectors


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