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Serge Keshishian owner and founder of Pic Video Studio, has over 10 years experience in both prepress and graphic design and 5 years of Cinematographer/editor.

Serge started his career in 1997 at Canadian Tire, as both in prepress and graphic design, in the creative production advertising department. He then moved on to work with other creative companies such as Transcontinental, Loyalty Group (Air Miles) and Direct Antidote. In 2008, while at Direct Antidote, he was promoted to a more of a senior role as Photoshop Artist/Photographer.

Taking a look at where it all started, as a teenager, Serge found his passion with movies, he would use his 8mm camcorder to make home movies with his cousins and friends. The love for movies has led Serge to a career path as cinematographer/editor. What started out as hobby quickly turned into his career. In 2009 Serge launched his own company, Pic Video Studio. Since his launch, Serge has worked on 4 short films, over 30 weddings, 2 music videos and countless events including major corporate shoots.

Besides having a talent working behind the camera, Serge’s expertise can also be found in front of it. Serge is a full ACTRA union member, as an Actor/Background performer, he has been in over 50 films and shows, some of which include a major role as a Armenian solider in the motion film Ararat. As well, he has had reoccurring roles in Covert Affairs and Nikita as a background performer and Stunt/SSE.

Serge’s hobbies are traveling, photography and movies.

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