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  1. pitagoraSuichi

    by Na Jácome joined

    8 Videos 2 Members

  2. The Screen Social

    by Cannes in a Van: Film in Transit joined

    224 Videos 95 Members

    At Screen Social we showcase new and up-coming directors, production companies, live acts, music videos, motion graphics, animation and experiments. If you have something you'd like to screen,…

  3. Stop Motion & Animation!

    by Carlos Lascano joined

    40.8K Videos 18.5K Members

    This is a place created by director/animator Carlos Lascano to share and discuss all about stop motion and experimental animation techniques. To see more videos and BTS stuff join Carlos Lascano…

  4. Psychonaut, the sailor of the psyche.

    by Lara joined

    1,370 Videos 339 Members

    The group for those who explore their inner selfs to understand and learn, through any kind of means. Meditation, Rituals, Entheogens, Dreaming, Trance, Shamanism and more. Sister channels and…


    by glasscapsule joined

    679 Videos 191 Members

    Collection of mind-bending animations from everywhere. Includes traditional to CG. As long as it's interesting. Become a member to POST and ADD.

  6. monome

    by corporation joined

    1,691 Videos 945 Members

    The monome group! http://monome.org

  7. Juntos otra vez

    by Martin Allais joined

    10 Videos 1 Member

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