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San Diego, CA, USA

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  • http://zevallos.tv
  • Hire Me - LinkedIn Resume - Science Research Biotechnology Lifesciences PCR Data Analysis Laboratory Adobe Creative Suite Microsoft Office Stem Cells Mammalian Cell Culture Bacterial Transformation IT Operations Remote Desktop Computer Repair Help Desk Support Customer S
  • Hie Me - Google + - Microbiology & cell Biology Laboratory techniques • Harvest cells and cryogenic technique • Protein techniques • PCR • Recombinant DNA plasmid purification • Cloning and sub-cloning • Western Blot analysis • Agarose gel-electrophoresis
  • Hire Me - Instagram - I HAVE LENS INSTEAD OF EYES SO I CAN SHARE WHAT I SEE! Naive of IG Fake Followers! SD CA USA @Copyright 2014 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY #NetworkingFriends
  • Hire Me - YouTube - Gay Pride Parade & Festival SD CA USA Battle Star Galactica SCIFI BSG - project was to create a tv commercial or movie trailer between 30 to 45 seconds long. The files were provided for a competition by SCIFI (included tiny video clips, sound clips, efc


  1. Nollan Zevallos
  2. leon dekelbaum
  3. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
  4. FEMEN
  6. DR Design
  7. KAUST Video
  8. Melody Zevallos
  9. Under the Threshold Productions
  10. Sencha

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