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"With a mix of vocal tracks and instrumentals, Pieter Nooten is a most original and unique artist to emerge in. If you remember the fragile, tunefull and emotive music of Pieter in his collaboration with Michael Brook (..Sleeps With The Fishes.., 4-AD), 'Ourspace' and the upcoming release 'Here Is Why' will not let you down. Slow, serene, peaceful, gorgeous, brilliantly executed, ultimately satisfying material. Lush synth and string atmospherics flow through both albums. Nooten's vocals have a sad, hushed element about them, creating a even more emotionally forceful atmosphere. "...Pieter Nooten's OURSPACE (I-rain.com) is an inherently intimate album, precious and beautiful. One of those albums that gets you right from the first track and stays with you long after the last song ends."

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