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pigsalreadyfly IS Peter Szijarto. He's the head flying pig, video editor, and director. Focusing on post-production, he'll also take a camera and snort out some music videos, film, and brand work. pigsalreadyfly is just a bit easier to remember than SZIJARTO ;)

pigsalreadyfly started as an idea after Peter received a beta invite to Gmail in 2003. Needing a catchy name, firmly believing in the philosophy behind the saying "when pigs fly", and actually living a life outside the norm, pigsalreadyfly was born. Since that time, he has worked on the production and agency sides, bringing a unique twist to the work, always pushing for what the real story is.

pigsalreadyfly is a company of collaboration and Peter believes the best possible work is made with a team. He frequently collaborate with outside production resources and definitely considers pigsalreadyfly a collective, as he pulls together the best crew to fit the task at hand.

If you like the cut of his bacon, want to collaborate, or can think of another great piggy pun, send us an oink!

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