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French freelance Motion | Graphic | Sound | Plastic Designer
Pierre-Guilhem Roudet, multidisciplinary designer. Specialized in content production for immersive environment specially in event domain ( Galas | Shows | Installations ) and short format videos ( Opening title | Video clip | Capsule )
From south of France, graduate of ESAV (Master Cinema option graphic design multimedia) , graduate of Conservatoire de Musique du Tarn and also trained in Porcelain Design (Eva Roucka & Michel Goldstynn) and Fine Art School .He first started working in Toulouse before moving to Paris in 2009. He works there in audiovisual design for advertising/fashion/installations/audio branding. In Montreal since 2011, he has collaborated on various projects including advertising, events and immersive environment .

He’s part of french motion designers top 50 2014 of Blog du Webdesign.

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