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  1. 01:24:57

    Oral History Submissions 2015

    by Pi Kappa Delta

    6 Videos

    This is the folder containing the Oral History submissions for competition at the 2015 Pi Kappa Delta national convention and tournament--on ground in Athens, OH.

  2. 02:36:05

    Pi Kappa Delta Scholarship 2014

    by Pi Kappa Delta

    18 Videos

    These are the finalist video submissions for competition that took place in March 2014--on ground in Indianapolis, IN.

  3. 01:40:57

    Pi Kappa Delta Scholarship 2015

    by Pi Kappa Delta

    12 Videos

    These are the video submissions for PKD's online scholarship competition--on ground in Athens, OH.

  4. 03:30

    Public Forum Finals

    by Pi Kappa Delta

    1 Video

    Thanks to the Rupe Foundation for supporting of our efforts to spread the word about Public Forum debate.

  5. 04:12:20

    Pi Kappa Delta Scholarship

    by Pi Kappa Delta

    19 Videos

    This folder contains material intended for competition and archiving for the online scholarship event at PKD Tournaments.

  6. 20:24

    Pi Kappa Delta Centennial Oral History Projects

    by Pi Kappa Delta

    4 Videos

    This album contains oral history projects intended for competition at the PKD Centennial Convention and Tournamnet, 2013. These videos will be consigned to the Pi Kappa Delta National Archives.

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