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Commercial and music video director, born in Bogota, Colombia.
Always passionate for storytelling, films, filmmaking and many other performing arts. She pursued her film career through advertising and TV commercials, after graduating from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota with a Communications degree.
Pilar gained great experience, working for many years as an assistant director, with some of the biggest directors in her country. Then she got in the game as a director.
On her debut year, her work landed on the nominations and won the award as Best New Directors and New Talent, at EL OJO DE IBEROAMERICA.
She became an important music video director in her hometown, working the past year for top music artists.
Her passion for human beings and emotions has kept her learning, directing actors between different techniques and trainings. Pilar began at EICTV, Cuba, attending Directing Actors in Marketa Kimbell’s workshop. Afterwards, she continued in New York City, studying at MICHA ORG: Dynamics Between Actor – Director, at The Actors Movement School, training Raza Boxes: an actor-training technique adapted from a theory of emotion detailed in an ancient Sanskrit manual on performance called the Natyasatra. She also attended Aesthetics of Directing summer classes at The New School, studied with Walter Rippel casting and directing actors and most recently she became part of the Film Directing Workshop with Abbas Kiarostami .
Pilar’s works and her aesthetics gives the frames and vignettes a natural, truthful moments and poetical emotional sense of life.

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